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Working Groups

Campus Climate and Work-Life Alignment

The Work-Life Alignment Working Group is responsible for assessing the workplace climate and determining ways to enhance work-life balance for employees at the University. These enhancements may include new or improved policies, training and education for supervisors and employees, and structural improvements (both physical and organizational) that increase workplace satisfaction, fairness, and equity.

Child and Family Care

The Child and Family Care Working Group is responsible for hearing concerns, assessing the climate, and proposing solutions to ongoing challenges of family care for University of Mississippi student, faculty, and staff and their families. This group is has considered issues concerning day care, pre-school, after-school care, summer care, and holiday childcare solutions.  This working group will also take up issues concerning care for elders and for special needs family members.

Pay Equity

The Pay Equity Working Group is responsible for monitoring compensation, benefits, and advancement across campus and assessing whether those are being provided equitably. In 2007 and 2017 the Commission compiled Pay Equity and Advancement Reports. Following the 2017 report, the University engaged an outside firm to conduct a study of its compensation model.  A response to that study is currently underway.  This group will also study the VIEW2022 results once those are released.

Violence Against Women

The Violence Against Women Working Group is responsible for assessing the climate among students, faculty, and staff regarding sexual harassment and assault, domestic violence, and other acts of violence against women in our University community. Importantly, this group supports the work of the Title IX Office, the Office of Violence Prevention, and student organizations, such as UMSAFE that combat such violence through education, awareness, and action.

Women in Leadership

The Women in Leadership Working Group is responsible for assessing the climate for current women leaders, as well as aspiring leaders, at the University. This group will evaluate issues of access, compensation, and overall structure for advancement of faculty and staff, and ways in which the University can support women in leadership roles.